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Learning through Risky play

Learning through Risky play

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Learning through Risky play

In this months blog, we will be looking at the benefits of Risky Play. This is a concept that we believe in here at Clapham Preschool. While Early Years settings will always have a responsibility to keep children safe. Sometimes it seems that through vigorous risk assessments equipment, situations and activities we can impede development. Therefore, this can have an impact on the children’s opportunities to problem solve and self-assess risk.

What is Risky Play?Learning through Risky play

Risky play supports children in testing their limits and exploring their boundaries. Early Years settings can promote and extend activities to provide children with the opportunity to push boundaries in a safe and managed environment. Taking risks and learning new skills is key as a child – we encourage the children to use their fine motor skills in hammering in nails or sawing wood (always very supervised by staff).

Why We Have Risky Play

Outdoor play is commonly full of risks, in which the practitioner must eliminate dangers through risk assessments. However, the outdoor environment also offers children a wide range of opportunities to explore and learn about the world in which they live. Some professionals believe that you should give children the space to explore dangerous situations. Activities such as climbing, can help children gain an awareness of danger and manage risks. If children are only offered safe situations, they may not learn how to manage risk and promote safety.

What is Risky Play?What We Can Achieve

We want to encourage children to learn about safety through risky play can be through the use of real tools. Small hammers and screwdrivers can be seen as potentially dangerous equipment, yet allowing children to access and use these tools within a safe and supervised environment can teach them to respect danger and manage risks. We offer blocks of wood with nails held in pliers thus enabling the children to refine fine and gross motor skills by using the tools. We can aid children in thinking about safety by encouraging children to assess the situation for risk.

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Settling in for 2019

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Preschool Enrolment in Bedfordshire

A new year has begun and here a Clapham Preschool we are happy to be back in the swing of things. With lots of new faces arriving both staff and children have been welcoming in new children. A child’s first day can be quite daunting for them and their parents. We have put all our efforts into ensuring a comfortable welcoming environment. Part of this has meant some of our children transferring rooms so we are able to accommodate our new friends. As such we have spent a lot of time settling everyone back into the routine. If you are looking into Preschool Enrolment in Bedfordshire check out our page below on your child’s first day

Your Child's First Day

Preschool Enrolment in BedfordshireWhat’s Happening This Month?Preschool in Bedfordshire

While the first half of the month will be quiet to enable the children to settle back into a routine as swiftly as possible. The latter part of the month we have an exciting visit planned from the Zoolab. This a great treat for the children as the Zoolab visit the school with animals for the children to meet. The critters include spiders, rats, snakes, frogs, and millipedes. The children will each get the opportunity to see the creatures, touch them and understand them more. The workshop created by Zoolab offers the children a creative method of learning. Allowing them to identify the creatures and know more about their habitats and existence.

Visit Zoolab Website

Recycle For Charity

We are supporting the Kicks Count Charity by asking all parents to recycle certain waste products here with us. Kick Start is a UK charity whose focus is to reduce overall stillbirth cases. You can follow their hard work on https://www.kickscount.org.uk/blog/recycling

If you have any of the following items please bring these into us here to be recycled;

  • Any brand baby food pouch and Ella’s kitchen plastic packaging (inc yoghurt pouches)
  • Any brand of sweet biscuit wrappers inc baby biscuit and multipack wrappers
  • Postage stamps – New, old or foreign
  • Any brand cleaning wipe packaging, any trigger heads, any plastic air freshener parts, and packaging
  • Washing up liquid lids
  • Any brand Shampoo, conditioner, hair care, beauty products caps, lids, pumps, pots, and bottles all plastic
  • Hair colorant packaging and bottles
  • Plastic skin care and sun protection packaging including lip balm tubes, caps, bottles, pots, dispensers, tubes, and lids. All plastic, please

Preschool Enrolment in Bedford

If you are looking for more information on Preschool Enrolment in Bedfordshire you can contact our team today. We can arrange for you to visit our preschool and discuss your child’s placement,

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 Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

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 Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

At least it certainly is here at Clapham Preschool. As we enter the last week of term our staff and children are equally excited for Clapham Preschool Christmasthis year’s festivities. Our December has been jam-packed with Christmas cheer kicking off on the 1st with our annual Clapham Preschool Christmas Fayre. In addition, the children have really enjoyed making their calendars, cards and practicing their songs for our performance this week. We have even set up a sleigh and a stable in the preschool for the children to play on.

Clapham Preschool Christmas Fayre

We would like to thank everyone who joined us at the start of the month for our Christmas Fayre. We had a very special visit from Father Christmas who set up a grotto to greet the children. The children got to meet Santa and his elves. This years Christmas Fayre was a great success we managed to raise a huge £760.00. As a non-profit organisation, we will invest this money back into the preschool facilities.

Clapham Preschool Christmas Lunch

The celebrations went on Friday with the Turkey lunch which was prepared for the children by our usual caterers. All our children enjoyed a Christmas themed hot lunch consisting of turkey, roast potatoes, vegetables and of course pigs in blankets.

Clapham Preschool ChristmasWhat’s Happening Today

As it is our final week of term and we finish for Christmas today we have arranged a party day for the children. Our party day is open to all of the children and there will be no fee to take part. We have a festive day including a sing song which the children have been practicing for all month. All parents are welcome to come and watch our mini concert. The Magic Elf will be here to entertain the children and we will be having party activities and craft making throughout the day. In addition to festive music and dancing with a party buffet lunch to refuel for more dancing. Finally, we give each child a party bag to take home.


Clapham Preschool Christmas TermClapham Preschool Christmas

Today is the final day of term for this year the preschool will close for Christmas on 19Th December 2018. We will reopen 3rd January 2019 for business as usual. As we are currently on a temporary phone number please call 01234 341 200. Alternatively, you can message us via our website or Family App if you have any queries.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all the team here at Clapham Preschool.

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Welcome to Our New Website

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Welcome to Our New website

Day Nurseries in Clapham

If you are looking for information about Day Nurseries in Clapham you will love our new site! With a brand-new design for 2018 we feel we have now presented our online Prospectus in an accessible and informative design. This is Clapham Preschool’s Parent Hub.

Online Preschool Prospectus

We know that as parents you want to know as much information about where your child will be. Therefore, we have updated our site to become a hub of information you as parents. Whether you are only at the initial stage of researching day nurseries in Clapham or your child is already enrolled with us you will find useful information throughout the site. You can find information such as

  • What to Expect
  • Curriculum
  • Prices
  • Policies
  • Meet the Team
  • Funding information

Order Your Uniform Online

You can now order and pay for your child’s uniform online and we have made the process much easier! as a result, you can shop now, and your order will be ready to collect from us. You are also able to order your child’s hot lunches online through the website.

Keep Up to Date

In addition to the website we also have a Facebook page where you can keep updated. We post regular photographs and updates of the work we have been doing. Furthermore, you can become part of our community and learn about our latest events and availability. Please like our page and share with your friends.

Keep in Touch

We have tried to cover as much as possible on our website, however, we want our parents to feel part of our community. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please do not hesitate to fill in our contact form and a member of staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

Clapham Preschool